FundCorps Business Network

What's a good referral for your business? Let us know. We could help you connect with right people to help you grow your business.

FundCorps Business Network is a global platform for connecting businesses worldwide to it's targeted customers/clients through an online platform of industry-leading businesses including online business portfolio and business inquiries from India and around the World.

Build relationships and share referrals

FundCorps Business Network manages a platform that brings businesses together, where they can exchange qualified referrals, valuable business insights, aggregate their strengths and enjoy joint synergies. FundCorps is a global platform for high-end business owners to get PAN India and overseas clients through the online platform.

Hold The Vision, Trust The Process!

FundCorps envisions to be the most efficient and effective channel to market your company’s products and services to a highly targeted audience of buyers & sellers across the globe.

FundCorps is one of its type of organization with a mission to provide businesses in India with the platform to promote their businesses online and get access to buyers around the world.

Better opportunities and business growth

We organize networking sessions, business collaboration meetups, and client meetings for our members. FundCorps Networking platform is a unique opportunity for business owners to make out of the box business collaborations for a mutual business benefit and FundCorps facilitates such collaboration for the members. All the businesses are promoted to its targeted audience using a structured strategy.

Our network

FundCorps invites business that is legally registered. The legal status could be SP, LLP, OPC, PF, PLC, or businesses registered under Society Act, Trust Act or Section 8 of companies act. High-end Business owners from different sectors are invited to promote their business online to a global audience and personally connect with business owners across sectors and locations. We believe our networking group is unique and really provide a platform for businesses to expand their networks amongst the company of like-minded professionals who all want to reach out and connect with each other.

Opportunity To Enter Into The Local And International Markets.

There is a significant benefit of using the FundCorps Business listing services. The awareness of FundCorps over the period of time has led us to generate quality leads and referrals for business owners in our network, that has translated into the business worth of USD100 million and counting. FundCorps holds a network of more than 300000+ business owners across the globe. All the listing on the website is being visible to potential customers/clients across the globe. Being listed on FundCorps business listing means being a part of highly credible and highly effective network that helps you get more business.

Networking for building relationships that gets you long lasting business.

The best way to generate business is to register on the website. Once you are listed, you will be invited to monthly networking meets where you have an ongoing opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and business owners who come to the forum with a common agenda to help you with your business to grow.

Once you are registered online, you will also start getting qualified business leads to your registered email along with an sms alert. All you need to do is, connect and convert the client.

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