Fuel a dream business

At FundCorps, our vision is clear — help passionate entrepreneurs grow their new business into strong, scalable & successful companies. We like to invest our advisory, network, and funds in entrepreneurs and are dedicated to supporting our founders throughout the lifetime of their business.

Mentor an entrepreneur

We’re always looking for individuals with a broad range of experience across the fields of business, finance, impact, entrepreneurship, and more to share their skills, knowledge, and experience with our entrepreneurs.

As a mentor you can:

You are welcome to be a mentor if you are:

FundCorps mentorship

FundCorps mentorship program offers a one to one interaction between a budding entrepreneur and industry experts. The entrepreneur gets to meet a mentor who has been through a lot personally and professionally. The mentors share the hard truths that entrepreneurs peers can't because they'll already know the consequences of the decisions before they are made. But most importantly, we want entrepreneurs to success with the help of your expertise and experience.