We're on a mission to mobilize & empower the world for good

Powering your ideas, cause, events, and innovative products through crowdfunding to make it more impactful. Because every act of kindness creates ripples and that makes the world at large a better place to live in.

FundCorps offer you digital tools raise funds for your ideas and cause. We offer you digital platform to raise sponsorship for your events, and a platform where NGO's can sell their products.

Crowdfund for ideas and causes

FundCorps invites change-making business ideas, charities, and causes. Our crowdfunding platform exists to support social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policymakers, and activists who are making change happen. FundCorps is a comprehensive, easy-to-use crowdfunding platform that can help organizations raise more capital and faster. You can create customized donation pages that are branded to your organization and offer donors their choice of donation option.

Sell NGO products

Are you an NGO with merchandise/products? If yes, we would like to invite you to upload your products on FundCorps for corporates and professionals to buy them and support the cause you are working for. NGO's can create custom pages and upload products to sell. Uploading products is very simple and fast. We invite artisans, master craftspersons, craft clusters, NGOs, Self Help Groups (SHGs) and designers across India to upload and sell their products to a global audience

Raise sponsorship for events

Need sponsorship for your event? Simply sign up and let us know what event you are hosting and we will help you raise sponsorship for your event. We invite non-profits, colleges, businesses, and individuals to raise sponsorships for their events. Approaching sponsors the right way through FundCorps crowdfunding raises your desired sponsorship amount.

Low cost & high productivity

We improve our services to compliment your good work and events. With so many great features, we charge as low as 7.5% + GST as a success fee for fundraiser and sponsorships and 10% on products getting sold through our platform. Zero set up fee & annual maintenance with free marketing support. Fast, and a secure payment gateway. Donors, sponsorers, and customers can pay using credit/debit card, and internet banking. Easy & quick payout.

Types Of Causes We Support

We exist to help you support the good work you do and there are many ways you can do good work. We support almost all types of NGO's, causes, and charities which includes education, environment, farmers/agriculture, LGBT, skilling and employment, women empowerment, stray dogs, scholarships, sports, cultural, and others. However, we do not support religious organizations, political organizations, or any organisation involved in any illegal activities.

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