FundCorps is a social impact fintech company based in Mumbai that partners with and helps non- profit organisations globally raise awareness and capital for various social causes. We strongly believe in the transformative power of financial inclusion and the positive impact it can have on the communities you and I live in. FundCorps offers a unique combination of a seamless automation technology platform for NGOs to raise large capital in a short time, personalised advisory services, and an industry network that enables NGOs to build long-lasting and better relationships with industry.

FundCorps, through a strategically designed capital-raising platform, helps non-profit organisations connect with millions of contributors globally. With a desire to maximise social impact, FundCorps also helps non-profit organisations connect with industry resources like corporates for grants and CSR. We partner with non-profit organisations and bring industry resources to lift financial barriers for long-lasting social impact.

FundCorps helps social impact organisations globally connect with corporations, schools, and colleges. The connect builds strategic partnerships and provides access to diverse funding sources, in-kind contributions, and skilled volunteers. FundCorps by helping non-profit organisations connect with these institutions enhances the reach, improves credibility, fosters sustainable collaborations, and maximises social impact at the grassroots level.

Join us in the journey of maximising social impact. One non-profit organisation at a time. We make it smooth and easy for non-profit organisations to raise capital on FundCorps. We meet with you to understand your requirements, help you design compelling campaigns, provide expert advisory that enables you to raise more in a short time, manage your campaigns, help you build industry connections, and be a part of your team.

We invite people to contribute with confidence to a cause they feel passionate about. All the social causes are led by our vetted non-profit organisation partners across the globe. Due diligence by FundCorps involves assessing their legal compliance, and financial records, meeting with the leadership team, the impact of their projects in the past, and assessing their ability to execute social causes.

FundCorps offers a very exciting volunteering program for corporate employees, students, homemakers, retired professionals, business owners etc. The volunteering program invites individuals to volunteer their time and skills for a cause they are passionate about. It enables non-profit organisations to get financially sustainable, get diverse skill sets, become cost-effective, build credible networks, and more.

If you are a social impact organisation making products or promoting artisans, we invite you to sell products on the FundCorps platform. With over 400 million potential buyers in just in India, we provide strategic support and a global platform to enable you to sell your products to a larger audience. We believe every product sold through our platform is employment provided to an artist or helps social impact organisation get financially sustainable.

FundCorps is focused on lifting the financial barriers of non-profit organisations. We prioritise working with non-profit organisations across different sustainable development goals. It includes ensuring zero poverty, zero hunger, good health and hygiene, quality education, gender equality, clean and affordable energy, employment and economic development, climate change and more. However, FundCorps does not support political parties or religious organisations.

FundCorps works on a success fee model.
  • For online campaigns: 7.5% + 18% GST of the total fund raised during any campaign. Additionally, there is a 3% plus GST for the payment gateway.
  • For selling products: 7.5% plus 18% GST on every product sold. Additionally, there is a 3% payment gateway fee plus 18% GST.
  • For CSR fundraised: 7.5% plus GST of the total fundraised

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FundCorps unites individuals with passion for social change with non-profit organizations dedicated to tackling pressing social issues. Together, we embark on a journey to address and overcome the most complex societal challenges, ultimately creating a better world for everyone.