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We help companies achieve their dreams by enabling them to effectively meet short-term goals while at the same time helping them build the competencies and capabilities to fulfill their long-term company vision. Our umbrella of business advisory consulting services is focused towards delivering effective solutions in strategy, problem-solving, innovation, and business transformation for a multitude of different industries.


We help Business grow through business advisory and business networking

Success Stories

Jai Sai Jewellers wanted to use technology as a meduim to grow business and we were struggling with it for about 1 year. When we hired FundCorps, they did our work within 2 weeks and helped us strategise the technology.

MyBidu (Formarly ThinkJain) was started with a market that would not have given us profits at the end of the day. FundCorps business advisory helped us broaden our market audience and today we are in a position to make profits.

At Navtek, we were looking for funding for one of our products. Funding as usual is never easy if you are not well networked. FundCorps made us go through the due deligence process and ensured we are prepared for funding.

HKapitalist is a startup and as a startup we needed a personalised mentoring. A mentoring that can help us become profitable as business and FundCorps has been a great support and helped us craft a profitable business model.


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