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Farzana has been an ad professional for 16 years leading brands like Raymond's, Idea Cellular, and Bridgestone Tyres before she established Farzana Suri Victory Coach, over 7 years ago. She coaches using the science of numerology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Graphology and other modalities. She has had the privilege of coaching over 5000 clients across India and the globe including startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, senior executives in Google, BBC, Blue Dart, ICICI bank, PVR, Ola, HDFC and more.


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Success Stories

Farzana presents the information in a fun, engaging way and inspires people to walk out as superheroes not just rock stars in her trainings and workshops. – Albert Almeida, Hungama Digital

What’s wonderful about working with Farzana is that she has this innate quality of being a people’s person and stays connected with the participants long after the trainings are over.

Farzana is a dynamic speaker with an unique gift of connecting with diverse audiences. The team found her training useful, relevant and practical. Jyoti Iyer, PVR Cinemas

Farzana Suri is the quintessential Victory Coach. She has the ability to transfix the audience with her module of trainings that are packed with stories, audience interactions and movement. – Naveen Jhunjhunwala, BBC News.








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