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At D.S. Sanghvi a7 Co., we help the client plan and structure his/her investments which provide higher returns depending on the risk appetite of the client. The following are the investment avenues we offer: Fixed Income securities, Mutual Funds, Futures & Options/Stock market, and Startup Funding.


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D.S. Sanghvi & Co is a one-stop destination as its expertise is in all domain right from financial planning to resultant tax payout.

We are happy and satisfied to get associated with D.S. Sanghvi & Co, as our investments are well planned and help us fetch good returns as per our risk appetite.

At D.S. Sanghvi & Co, we are assured of good other income avenues as investments are planned in advance and managed adequately.

We know of good income avenues only due to D.S. Sanghvi & Co, as they advise us options as per our risk-taking parameters with minimal tax outflow.


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Textile Industry

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Mr Deepak Sanghvi

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Miss Shailee Sanghvi


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