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An audit /compliance is not feasible without the proper accounting of transactions carried out throughout the year. We have a team of accounting experts who ensure day to day accounting happens as per accounting standards and which is easy to retrieve. Connect with us if you are looking at smooth functioning of your day to day accounting systems or learn how you can do it by yourself.`


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D.S. Sanghvi & Co is an internal auditor to us who helps us in our day to day accounting services and ensures adherence to various accounting practices.

The services of D.S. Sanghvi & Co have proven to be beneficial to us in many ways right from monitoring our day to day practices to completion of the audit report. Their involvement in day to day accounting helps us nip the problems in a bud.

We are associated with D.S.Sanghvi & Co. for 10 years now. They manage our day to day accounts and we are satisfied with their services as we can focus on our business growth as our accounts are well managed.

D.S. Sanghvi & Co has helped us in managing our accounts well and is regularly monitored which helps us avoid mistakes in future.


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Mr. Deepak Sanghvi

Founder - Proprietor

Miss Shailee Sanghvi


Mrs Neeta Desai

Senior Associate

Mr Jignesh Jain



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